Biggin Hill War Memorial

As Biggin Hill was not a separate parish when the memorial was dedicated it was originally known as the Cudham War Memorial on Biggin Hill Green.

photo of war memorial

The memorial was unveiled on 21 March 1923 by a former commander of the RAF Air Station, Group Captain Blandy, D.S.O. of the Air Ministry and dedicated by the Vicar of Cudham, the Reverend Bryan O'Loughlin.

Antiaircraft detachments from Biggin Hill formed the Guard of Honour, with arms reversed. A representative from 'The Royal Regiment of Artillery, Corps of Engineers, Royal Signals and R.A.F. were placed at the comers as mourners.

The column rests on a brick foundation with receptacles containing earth from the gardens where those who fell lived, and it is banked with earth from different parts of the parish. The brickwork and banking were done by Mr Amos T Roffey, D.C.M., Mr Burton Aves and Mr Sam Hill.

32 names are recorded on the front of the memorial for the First World War and 27 names were added, (in 1957 after an appeal by Mr F Bennett of Biggin Hill British Legion for the information,) on the right side panel for the Second World War.

We're in the process of putting up a page for each name but want to double check and add a few more details so it may take a few more months. If the name you're interested in doesn't have the information that you are looking for, please try again another day.

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The following pages show the names of all those commemorated on the Village War Memorial. We have searched the War Graves Commission Roll of Honour to try and identify the individuals commemorated and have used the information given therein. In some cases we have failed to find any record matching the name on the memorial, in other cases the information given is so brief that we cannot be sure that we have made a correct identification.

If possible we would like to know more about each individual and their connection with Biggin Hill - some may have relatives still living in the area, others may have more tenuous links. Please contact us with any information that you may have about those commemorated and please correct any inaccuracies.

We have also found that Captain A F Sutton should have been on the WW2 list and Percy H Webster on WW1 list.

There is a separate page which explains some of the methods used and problems faced in compiling the information on this site.

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