Biggin Hill War Memorial

1914 - 1918

T G Kennedy

"Tristram entered the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich in 1915. He was gazetted to the Royal Field Artillery in May 1916. The following November he was seriously wounded while serving with a Trench Mortar Battery in Flanders. He made a complete recovery and, in May 1917, he joined Flixton Park for light duties.

In September 1917 Tristram joined the Forces fighting in Palestine and saw a good deal of action including the taking of Jerusalem. In March 1918 he took part in operations east of Jordan. It was whilst he was taking tea with other Officers that a flight of German Bombers attacked the camp. A cluster of bombs struck the Mess wounding and killing the occupants, Tristram was among the wounded. He was taken to a Field Hospital but died that night of his wounds. The next day his body was taken by armoured car to the Mount of Olives for burial."

photo of Tristram Gervias Kennedy

Elder son of Charles Moore Kennedy and Ellinor Kennedy of "Carrick" St. Ives, Cornwall.

Tristram was born in the Kensington area, his father was a barrister, born in Ireland and his mother was born in Stokesley, Yorkshire. They married in Cheltenham in 1891 and were still living in Kensington in 1901. However by 1913 they were living at High House, Leaves Green.